Why Choose Us

At Your Custom Home, we believe that just as no two individuals are the same, each one of us has a different vision of what home means to them. For some, it means shelter from the hectic world – a place of peace and serenity. For others, it is a hub of activity for a busy family filled with laughter and the most wonderful kind of chaos. Most importantly, it is the center stage for our lives.

Custom home builder, Your Custom Home, embraces the spirit of home by building no two homes alike. Every custom home built by Your Custom Home is created on the vision and unique wishes of the purchaser. To Your Custom Home, custom does not mean simply letting every client choose what shade of taupe the walls will be, it means helping you recognize a dream.

The owners of Your Custom Home believe that a custom home is not only a long-term investment, but also a statement of your individuality.

“It all comes down to choice,” said Daniel N. Louden, owner of Your Custom Home. “Your Custom Home works hard to make this a rewarding experience for our clients. We take great pride in the amount of referrals and second-time builders with whom we work. That is our best measurement of how we are doing. Satisfied Clients!”

Your Custom Home takes the stress out of the building process by adhering to deadlines and budgets, and by offering a full-service team made up of the best trades and professionals possible. The company’s hallmarks are integrity, service and quality and they insist upon nothing less from their employees and suppliers.

According to Louden, “We make a personal commitment to our clients. Our promise doesn’t end with the first handshake or even the moment we hand over the keys to your dream home. We work side-by-side with our clients every step of the way ensuring that your experience and the end product is first rate.”

While Your Custom Home focuses on estate, timber and acreage homes, we will design and build to suit any scenario. Louden’s 30+ years experience has seen him involved in building 1600 homes – a track record that has built a breadth and depth of experience and knowledge.

We look forward to helping you realize and build your dream – so you can live it!